GIRAIR® main advantages

  • Corrosion free
  • Technical reliability
  • Perfect airtightness
  • clean air at all time
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Installation time under control




  • Compressed air distribution
  • Neutral gas distribution
  • Centralizd networks

New Girpi services


Girpi teams are working on a software dédicated to GIRAIR to help you to optimize network drawings and bill of material. It will be soon available.

Building site pictures

Réseau d'air comprimé
Réseau d'air comprimé


Installation rules

A professionnal solution: easy installation even on occupied site, lightweight pipes, easy to handle, simple se tools, no fire permit required, no noisy operations.

  • Cutting

    Make a clean, square cut using an adapted pipe cutter.


    Chamfer using an dapted chamfering tool.

  • Checking

    heck: the pipes and fittings must be clean and dry, with no scratches or impact marks.

  • Measure and mark

    the socket depth of the fitting using the gauge.

  • Cleaning

    Clean and degreases surfaces from both pipes and fittings with the cleaner+, use a clean cloth.


    to mix the polymer when doing the firts welds of the day. The more fluid it will be. If you find that it is too fluid, leave it to settle for a few minutes.

  • Welding polymer application

    Coat the socket first then the spigot with the welding polymer using the aplicator. Always close the pot after use.

  • Push straight

    Push together immediately without twisting